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Color Tunable Mood Master

Set the scene with color and optics. Mood Master delivers more than light; it masterfully mixes CCT, hue, and saturation. 


 Control Mood Master by the following parameters, depending on the selected control options.

  • correlated color temperature (CCT) of white light, from 1650K to 8000K, in 1K increments.
  • hue (e.g. red, yellow, blue). Instantly set the mood for a festive party or seasonal display.
  • saturation, gradients of any color, from 1-100% in increments of 1%. Refine the hue's intensity, from strong to subtle.
  • dimming as low as 0.1%; see all control options below. 

Mood Master is powered by the Bluetooth-enabled Lumenetix araya LED

  • 5 color LED provides a full spectrum of light.
  • on-board thermistor monitors the LED temperature, and calibrates the current accordingly.
  • on-board photo diode measures and adjusts each LED color.



Mood Master may be programmed at the factory for compatibility with the following control protocols:

  • DMX controller (DX0), for tuning hue, saturation, and CCT; and dimming to 0.1%. Equipped with two CAT5e connectors for daisy chain control wire connections using CAT5e cables, with 150' maximum between controller and last fixture in chain.

  • DALI controller (BDA), for tuning CCT and dimming to 1%.
  • Lutron EcoSystem controller (BEC), for tuning CCT and dimming to 1%.
  • 0-10V dimmers (BMV)
    • Use two 0-10V dimmers: one for CCT and one for intensity.
    • Commission CCT, dimming, saturation, hue via the app, and turn it on/off with 0-10V dimmer.
  • iOS app (Lumenetix araya5 Tunable Color) for commissioning purposes, for addressing individual luminaires or in groups up to 8 at a time, within a 30' radius (depending on site conditions). 


Like all Edison Price Lighting luminaires, Mood Master offers the following benefits.

  • glare-free apertures from anodized aluminum reflectors.
    • Select configurations contribute toward earning points required for WELL Certification. 
  • MADE IN USA, manufactured from raw metals in our American factory. Quality control and long-lasting durability guaranteed!

  • optical accessory holder for spread lenses and beam smoothers. Standard for accent light, optional for downlight and wallwasher.
  • generous internal adjustments, 363° rotation for wallwasher and accent light, 0°-35° vertical adjustment for accent light.
  • easy serviceability with access to the LED and driver through the aperture.


  • multi-purpose spaces, to instantly change from 'business appropriate' to party ready!
  • An office may schedule the CCT to mimic natural daylight.
  • A retail store may choose saturated colors for a seasonal display or  to highlight products with pops of color.
  • museums and galleries, to tune the CCT for the most appropriate backdrop for artwork.
  • Yet all spaces will enjoy glare-free, long-lasting, serviceable illumination

For color tunable track and outlet box-mounted luminaires, see MidiMax Mood Master.