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EPL Gallery Opens New Exhibit

On January 7th, Edison Price Lighting, the Queens Council of the Arts, and the exhibited artists celebrate the opening of two joint exhibitions at the Edison Price Lighting Gallery


The Opening

The opening celebration was highlighted in the New York Times' "New York Today" section. The celebration was well attended by the artists, our neighbors, and members of the lighting design community. See photos from the evening: 


The Exhibition

The Gallery Guide provides more information and photographs about the show, which includes two exhibitions: "Light Inspired" and "Chapter 2".


The Light Inspired collection exhibits artists who work in the lighting field, from fixture design to architectural lighting design. Together, their multi-media pieces redefine light as a complex source of inspiration.

Featured artists

Greg Day
Carlos Inclan
Jason Krugman
John Procario
Edison Price
Edison Price Lighting Painting Department


The Chapter 2 collection exhibits recent alumni of the Queens Council on the Arts' High School to Art School (HS2AS) arts mentorship program. Curated by the HS2AS's board, Chapter 2 showcases the local young talent blossoming from Queens.

See the Chapter 2 poster, designed by HS2AS alumnus Kevin Chao. After graduating from the program, Keving studied at Pratt University, and is currently a partner at the design firm, For Good Measure. 

Featured artists

Jonathan Batista
Alex Beach
Eugene Chang
Naomi Cho
Heidy Cordero
Chantal Feitosa-Desouza
Enas Hassan
Kunning Huang
Clara Jeong
Sooa Kim
Richard Lee
Alex Li
Melissa Ling 
Naomi Lisiki
Tareque Powaday
Janine Wang
Kimberly Yunker