What's New

New Museum Brochure

Over 450 museums and galleries have entrusted Edison Price Lighting to illuminate their collections. What makes Edison Price Lighting their top choice?

Our track mounted luminaires deliver:

  1. Superb optics, displaying artwork accuracy,

  2. Unobtrusive design, keeping all eyes focused on the art, and

  3. Long lasting durability, withstanding decades of adjustments.

To honor our museum-worthy lumininaires, we have compiled a new brochure, 'Lighting Masterpieces, Masterpiece Lighting.' The brochure illustrates a selection of the museums and galleries that have chosen Edison Price Lighting, and their preferred luminaires. 


To request printed copies of the brochure, contact us.


See our museum quality luminaires illuminating the Edison Price Lighting Gallery. The gallery exhibited artwork by lighting designers and light artists, and is illuminated by a variety of our fixtures demonstrating various art lighting techniques. To visit the Gallery, contact us with your preferred dates.