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$50,000 Nuckolls Fund Donation

Edison Price Lighting is excited to announce its $50,000 donation to the Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education!

The Illuminating Engineering Society's Nuckolls Fund supports higher-level lighting education through academic grants, fellowships, and other educational resources.

Edison Price Lighting supports the Nuckolls Fund because “there is an enormous need for increased lighting education," explains our president, Emma Price. Specifically there is a need for "instruction in the art and science of lighting.”

  • Lighting design is an art.  Like an artist who chooses paints, lighting design students deserve to  illuminate spaces exactly as envisioned. That means precise beams, without unintended scallops or glare.
  • Lighting design is a science. Like a scientist who gathers data, students deserve to understand fixtures from the inside out. That means transparency about components, performance, and efficacy.

Through the Nuckolls Fund, students learn lighting design's art and science. And we all benefit. The spaces students will soon illuminate will be impactful, harmonious, and efficacious.

With our donation, Edison Price Lighting is now an Advocate of the Fund, the highest honor granted. We urge you to learn more about the Fund's programming.

Edison Price Lighting also offers lighting education opportunities: