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Lenses, Smoothers & Filters

Your optical accessory toolkit is concise -- consisting of only the spread lens, beam smoother, screen, and color filter -- and it is essential. These tools, and combinations thereof, deliver lighting perfection.

Your optical accessory toolkit overcomes commong lighting challenges:

  • To spread light across a wide wall, select a 40x70 spread lens.
  • To soften the edges of a beamspread, select a beam smoother.
  • To dim individual fixtures without compatibility issues, select a light reduction screen. 
  • To recreate daylight, enhance skin tones, or add visual interest, select a color filter.

Optical accessories offer unique benefits compared to tunable LED modules. No tunable luminaire can yet achieve the spread lens' degree of adjustability. No tunable luminaire can yet soften beamspreads. In addition, optical accessories are a more affordable method of individual fixture dimming and color tuning.

Edison Price Lighting has designed a full selection of proprietary optical accessories, perfected over five decades. The optical accessories are manufactured either by our New York City factory, or local glass fabricators.

Many of our recessed, track, and outlet-box-mounted LED luminaires accept up to two optical accessories.

  • Spread lenses help you widen a stock distribution, or to stretch a beam in both directions to cover an expanse of wall.
  • 30°, 55° and 70° spread lenses extend a lamp’s beam along one axis, allowing you to highlight wider areas from a single fixture.
  •  40° x 70° spread lens is our unique wallwashing solution. The lens extends a beam in two directions for a floor-to-ceiling wash of light.
  • Beam Smoothers are clear disks of glass finished with stipples (tiny beads of glass that gently diffuse light). Beam smoothers deliver unparralleled uniformity, which is especially valuable in museums and retail installations.


  • Screens reduce light output without affecting color or distribution. Screens are available for 33% or 50% reduction.
  • Daylight Blue color filter creates an effect compatible with daylight – developed for museums, but just as useful in daylit commercial or residential spaces.

  • Surprise Pink color filter makes people look radiantly healthy – a great addition to restaurants, clubs and hotels.

  • Amber, blue, green and red color filters offer an extra 'pop'!

  • To clean up spots and sprinkles, our color filters are stippled just like our beam smoothers.

These spread lenses, beam smoothers, screens, and color filters are compatible with many of our recessed, track, and surface-mounted luminaires. Please check the specification sheet for compatible optical accessories.