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Remodelers: Presto + Prestina


Presto remodelers allow you to remodel the lighting in existing ceilings, without compromising performance. For renovations, consider the Presto's many features:

  • easy installation, which requires only 1 screwdriver, 2 brackets, and about 1 minute.

  • under-lapping flange to conceal the installation hole's ragged edges.

  • changeable internal reflectors, allowing the beamspread to be changed after installation

  • combination downlight/wallwasher reflectors (Presto APlus only) for lighting walls, corners, and hallways.



Prestina remodelers add an important feature to the Presto line: Trim Flush, our sheet rock reflector trim detail.

  • Using our contractor-friendly plaster ring and spackle screen, Trim Flush provides a firm, seamless, flush joint between reflector and ceiling.