What's New

Easy-to-install 3" Remodelers

For inaccessible, existing, and sheetrock ceilings, Presto and Prestina Threes combine our signature museum-quality optics with easy installation through a 3" aperture.


  • Xicato LEDs offer color consistency within 1x2-step MacAdam ellipse, and in light outputs as high as 1600 lumens at 98 CRI.
  • Presto and Prestina Threes precisely match their standard version's quality, optics, and appearance after installation.


  • Insert the fixture frame--wrapped in a rubber band--through the ceiling hole. Remove the rubber band to release the fixture's legs, then tighten the center nut. And voila!


Presto Three

Prestos are designed for inaccessible existing ceilings like metal pan or wood.  Their under-lapping flange conceals the installation hole, and can be painted in the field to match the ceiling.


Prestina Three

Prestina is purpose built for installation-from-below in sheetrock ceilings. The easy to install Trim Flush ring creates a beautifully seamless joint between the ceiling and the fixture's reflector trim.