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Trimless Screen

The trimless square Prim Screen is integral to all PRIM luminaires. The Prim Screen ensures a clean, flush joint between the trimless reflector and sheetrock ceilings. Trimless installation, combined with our glare-less reflectors, helps PRIM luminaires quietly blend into the ceiling. 

Installation is easy -- and the trimless result is well worth the effort. Below is a summary of the process. Click here to view complete PRIM screen installation instructions.

  1. Insert collar accessory into aperture. Tighten the scews into collar holes.

  2. Insert protective paper cutout into aperture. Secure spackle screen to sheetrock with screws, and with self-adhesive fiberglass drywall joint tape.

  3. Apply two coats of drywall compound, sanding between coats. Remove paper cutout.

  4. Insert protective paper cutout, then prime and paint.

  5. Insert reflector into fixture aperture.

Click here to view complete PRIM screen installation instructions.