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PRIM SQUARE eliminates every possible distraction: glare, low CRI, bright spots – even the trim. 


98 CRI

Why should a client who invests in trimless fixtures settle for a CRI of 90?

  • Or inconsistent illumination? PRIM SQUARE offers 98 CRI and color consistency within 1x2 step MacAdam ellipse.
  • Those specs bring out the true color of carefully selected interior finishes and furnishings.



Why should a client settle for the ‘commodity look’ of bright, white painted fixture trims?

  • Unlike painted trims or surface-level anodized finishes, PRIM SQUARE's anodized aluminum reflector consistently controls reflectivity.
  • For dimming to the lowest levels, PRIM SQUARE offers seven driver options including driver compatible with DALI and DMX.
  • By minimizing glare, PRIM SQUARE gives a well-designed interior the ‘quiet ceiling’ it deserves. 




Why should a client who invests in sheetrock ceilings see a trim?

  • Razor-sharp edges are ensured with an easy-to-install PRIM spackle screen. The screen covers even mis-cut openings so that PRIM SQUARE is seamless, everytime.



  • 'Made in USA' durability. All Edison Price Lighting products are built to last in our New York City factory.
  • Access the LED module or junction box through the aperture.  Simply pop the lens up, clasp the top of the reflector, and pull down.

For shallow housings, and high efficacies, see the similar model, WAFER PRIM SQUARE.