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Streamlined profiles

All-around streamlined design is especially important for track and surface-mounted luminaires. Once installed, they are often viewed from every angle. As a result, each curve, line, and joint must be considered beforehand, from all directions.

See the profiles of our luminaires, now posted online. Scroll down to the "Photos" section of each product page. 

These photos assist your lighting design by demonstrating...

  • Elegant design, prioritizing graceful proportions, seamless housings, thin pendants.

  • Harmonious fixture families. Within one family, like Artima/3 or MiniMax, luminaires of different functions — like the accent light and wallwasher — appear similar. But even various families appear similar: the Artima/3 appears like the Artima/5, or the MiniMax like the MidiMax. Combine different fixture families for a cohesive result.

  • Realistic installations. Combined with those shown on the spec sheet, these photographs accurately convey the luminaires from all angles.