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Watch how to Change Lenses Easier & Faster

Changing accessories is effortless with our redesigned accent luminaires. Watch the video below to see how quickly their new Quick Change Cartridge (QCC) accepts lenses, screens, and filters:


The Quick Change Cartridges's automatic engagement and ergonomic design smoothly accepts optical accessories in four easy steps:

  • Remove QCC: Use only your finger tips to pull the QCC out of housing.

  • Load Lenses: Drop one or two accessories into the QCC, then either screw in the face or insert the retaining spring, depending on the luminaire model.

  • Re-Insert QCC: Glide the QCC into the housing until it 'clicks'. 

  • Rotate Lenses: Orient lenses after powering on the luminaire by rotating the front of the QCC. 

In addition to accepting lenses, QCC includes a choice of reflectors:

  • cross-baffle (OX), to reduce glare
  • ring-baffle (OG), to tighten beamspreads and eliminate light spill for tight spots
  • open aperture (OH or OP), to increase efficacy. for efficiency, on the  accent lights

Watch a video below of us swapping QCC and lenses in the Artima/2.

Your time on the ladder is shorter and safer with the QCC. Contact us for an in-person or virtual demonstration.

EPL employee shows the steel sheet from which he laser cut the Quick Change Cartridge's retaining spring.