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Quick Ship

Make no sacrifices for rushed deadlines. Edison Price Lighting's Quick Ship luminaires bring the finest illumination to ceilings closing within the week.

Our Quick Ship  program includes the WAFER and LED FTDs. Housings ship from our USA factory within 5 or 7 business days. Reflectors follow soon after. Please see specification sheets for more details.


  • up to 1500 lumens, and up to 90 CRI, from a Cree LED

  • affordable
  • shallow housings, down to 2.5" tall, 3.5" to the finished ceiling
  • Energy Star-certified WAFER/3 DL
  • 1% dimming (0-10V) or 5% (ELV or incandescent)
  • Quick Ship on 20 or fewer fixtures
  • 3" or 4" aperture downlight, accent light, and wallwasher
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LED FTD DL/4 7DAY -- cancelled until further notice, due to Phillips LED FTD module update. 

  • up to 3000 lumens, 90 CRI, from a Philips Fortimo LED
  • affordable
  • 40° shielding angle
  • dimming to 1% with a 0-10 volt dimmer
  • Quick Ship on 50 or fewer fixtures
  • 4" aperture downlight
  • 5" aperture downlight
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Our Quick Ship luminaires uphold Edison Price Lighting's high standards. Like our entire product line, they combine:

  • 'Made in USA'. Our factory has proudly operated in New York City since 1952. American manufacturing means that your fixtures will deliver quickly as well!

  • Durability. We use only heavy-gauge steel and aluminum to fabricate your fixtures, with a time-tested attention to detail. Our fixtures are built to last.

  • glare-free apertures from anodized aluminum, precise reflectors. Your illumination will be comfortable and quiet.