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3 Ways to a Quiet Ceiling

Our luminaires are always unobtrusive, thanks to low brightness apertures and streamlined functional design. But for an even quieter ceiling, we offer 3 solutions:

  • Trim Flush (TF) plaster ring creates a quiet ceiling by providing a flush flange in the same plane as a sheetrock ceiling.
  • TF ring is standard on all Prestina remodelers and the trimless square Prim. And to completely hide the flange in white ceilings, we'll paint it white.
    • LightPlates decorative trims creates a quiet ceiling by reducing aperture brightness.
    • The LightPlate is precisely cut to block sightlines into the fixture, and is available for 3" or 4" downlights or accent lights of various aiming angles. 
  • Custom color paint creates a quiet ceiling by painting recessed flanges, track fixtures, or track systems the color of the ceiling.
    • We'll exactly replicate any paint sample provided, and paint the fixtures, flange, or track in our Made in USA factory.

With flangeless rings, glare-reducing trims, and custom colors, we offer high impact, low profile lighting.