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Recessed Spotlight, to 7°

Objects of importance—a logo on the wall, sculpture on a pedestal, vase on the check-in desk—deserve full attention. Spotlight them inconspicously, with glare-free, recessed Hi spotlights. 

Focused beams, wireless controls, and glare-free apertures help you direct all eyes to the object, and none to the luminaire itself. 


Focused beam 

Spotlight powerfully in high-ceiling spaces, like lobbies, houses of worship, or flagship showrooms,  Our signature internal reflector controls the Hi spotlights' focused, tight beam, even over long throws. 

Adjust beams easily on-site.

  • orient optical assembly horizontally 363°, and vertically 0°-35°.
  • interchange beamspreads after installation with use of 'twist and lock' reflectors, available as accessories.
  • insert optical accessories available, including spread lenses, prismatic lenses, and filters.


Wireless controls

Wirelessly control the spotlights, with the Zigbee-compatible driver (available on FOUR and FIVE HI CLT VNSP and FOUR and FIVE HI CZS AA)

  • wirelessly dim to 0.1%. Control fixtures individually or as a group for maximum control. Using an app or software, raise or lower the spotlight's light levels, increasing or decreasing the focus on the object illuminated.
  • wirelessly connect the spotlight with compatible switches or sensors. Raise or lower the light levels in response to times of day, occupancy, daylighting and more.
  • wirelesly integrate the spotlight to Zigbee-certified building management systems. 
  • Learn more about Zigbee controls.

Dim via other convenient control protocols, also available.


Glare-free apertures 

Draw attention to the objects illuminated, not to a ceiling full of of glare. Like all Edison Price Lighting luminaires, our Hi spotlights are glare-free.

  • All 7° beam reflectors meet the shielding and glare minimization requirements of the International WELL Building Standard™Learn more.
  • Edison Price Lighting reflectors are constructed from anodized aluminum for long-lasting reflectivity. 
  • Edison Price Lighting reflectors are available in a variety of finishes, and do not require painting to cover casting marks.
  • For the quietest ceiling, add a Trim Flush plaster ring. This detail creates a seamless, flush joint between the reflector and sheetrock ceilings. 


Made in USA

All Edison Price Lighting products are proudly MADE IN USA.

  • all parts, down to the smallest spring, are built from raw metals in our New York City factory. 
  • the use of heavy-gauge, high quality aluminum and steel improves long-lasting durability.
  • local manufacturing improves quality control and ensured faster shipping.
  • contact us for a factory tour!