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Retrofit LED Remodelers

By combining installation-from-below with retrofit LEDs, our Presto and Prestinas make upgrading to LEDs fast, easy, and affordable.



  • Without needing to order and wire drivers and integral LED modules, Edison Price Lighting can turnaround your retrofit LED remodeler order in a matter of days.
  • Our Made in USA factory is ready to fabricate your fixtures efficiently. We start with aluminum, copper, steel, and  other regionally sourced raw materials. We then apply both handcrafted techniques and computerized machinery to cut, bend, spin, mill, wire, and paint your fixtures.  



  • All our retrofit LED lines and their compatible retrofit LED lamps are competitively priced. Even when factoring in the cost of the lamps, the fixtures are significantly more affordable than luminaires powered by integral LEDs.
  • Because retrofit LED remodelers are installed from below, you can eliminate the cost of replacing the ceiling.



  • Presto remodelers are designed for all types of inaccessible existing ceilings, including metal pan or wood.
    • The trim flange conceals edges of ceiling installation hole, so that even miscut holes are covered.
    • The flange's standard finish is white; and can be painted to your speification.
  • Prestina is a variation of our standard Presto design. Prestina remodelers are designed for sheetrock ceilings.



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