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Install-from-below MRE

Renovations, especially of residences and offices, are usually your most time-sensitive projects. The end user can't wait to move in. When the renovation deadline is short and the 'wish list' is long, our new Presto and Prestina MRE remodelers – designed for use with popular Soraa and Philips MR16 retrofit LED lamps  – make it all possible.


A complete family

Presto and Prestina MREs include all three lighting functions:

  • downlight, with a 40° shielding angle, thanks to the reflector's precise design and anodized aluminum construction.
  • accent light, with a generous 50° rotation and a full 45° tilt. The Soraa 7.5-watt lamp delivers a tight 10° beam.
  • wallwasher, with a 40° x 70° glass spread lens delivering uniform ceiling-to-floor wallwashing.


Design details

Presto and Prestina MREs bring new construction detailing to every renovation project.

  • Presto's under-lapping flange conceals the installation hole and can be custom painted to match the ceiling.
  • Prestina's Trim Flush plaster ring and spackle screen permits a seamless minimal trim detail in sheetrock ceilings. 
  • For discreet apertures as small as 1 3/4" in diameter, both Prestos and Prestinas can be fitted with LightPlate trims in lieu of reflectors.


Ahead of schedule

Presto and Prestina MREs save both turnaround and installation time. 

  • Quick to fabricate: We transform raw materials to final fixtures in our New York City factory, and can ship the MREs in just days. 
  • Quick to install: 
    • Presto can be installed quickly and safely with just one nut driver! Its ingenious expanding legs secure the fixture above the ceiling.
    • Prestina is a favorite with contractors (see the simple steps here).


Budget friendly

Because retrofit LED lamps are more affordable than integral LEDs, the fixtures are a cost-effective method of LED lighting.