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SALIOT Revolutionizes Lighting

Winner of a LightFair Innovation Award, the SALIOT MS-V2 revolutionizes lighting with a touch of a screen. Just download the SALIOT MS-V2 iOS or Android app on your smart device and control the luminaire in six ways:

  • rotate the beam a full 360°.

  • tilt the beam from 0° straight down to 90°,

  • focus the beam from 10° to  30°.

  • dim the beam from 100% to 1%, and

  • power the luminiare on or off.


SALIOT MS-V2's easy adjustment is a dream for museums, galleries, event venues, and showrooms, where quickly changing exhibits require repeated refocusing. SALIOT MS-V2 is particular valuable in spaces with track mounted at 15’ or higher, eliminating the need for long ladders or rented man-lifts.

SALIOT MS-V2 is available in ten models, offering:

  • a CRI of 83 or 95, and 

  • a white light color of 2700K, 3000K, 2500K, 4000K, or 5000K

  • up to 3277 lumens (up to 3524 lumens is also available, contact us for details).

Edison Price Lighting introduces SALIOT MS-V2 to North America through our partnership with its designer and manufacturer, MinebeaMitsumi.


Compatible Track

SALIOT MS-V2 is exclusively available mounted on Edison Price Lighting's track systems. Our Made in USA track systems are constructed fro a seamless aluminum extrusion, making it both durable and elegant. Recessed, trimless recessed, surface, and pendant mounting is available.


The SALIOT MS-V2 is available for mounting on:

  • Edison Price Lighting's 120-volt track, or
  • Edison Price Lighting's 277-volt track

Smart technology, and motorized adjustability: the SALIOT MS-V2 forever simplifies lighting.