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Search by LED Manufacturer

Comfortable lighting is consistent, with uniform color temperatures and CRIs. The safest way to achieve consistency is to design an entire project using just one type of LED, from one manufacturer. 

But with so many options -- like Citizen, Cree, Xicato, Soraa, etc. -- how do you keep track?  Search by LED Manufacturer on our website.

  1. Visit http://www.epl.com/products

  2. Find the left-hand 'Search by Feature' section

  3. Click 'LED Manufacturer'

  4. Select one LED module or lamp to find dozens of compatible fixtures.

Searching by LED Manufacturer helps you safely mix-and-match across fixture families. The search results will show you...

  • different functions within a fixture family, like downlight, accent lights, narrow spot lights, and wallwashers.

  • different mounting options, like track, recessed, and surface.

  • different bells & whistles, like fixtures with alternative aperture shapes, open apertures for efficiency, integral rotary dimmers, and more.