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Support your design, from start to finish, with Edison Price Lighting’s services.


Our services

  • Track take-offs:  We complete take-offs with provided complete Reflected Ceiling Plan and CAD drawings. Learn more about our track fixtures and systems.
  • Lighting application (AGi): We complete AGi rendering with provided product codes. Contact us.
  • Revit files: We provide a complete library of Revit files on our website. Learn more.
  • Luminaire recommendations: We verify luminaire specifications based on your design parameters. Contact us.
  • Advanced luminaire details: We furnish technical data, including LM 80 reports, environmental declarations, and driver sound ratings. Contact us.
  • Certification assistance: We provide documentation for Buy America/American, LEED, WELL, and the Living Building ChallengeContact us.
  • Modifications: We make small to substantial adjustments to overcome your project’s challenges. Learn more. 


Our skills

We can uniquely assist because we draw from a diverse skillset.

  • Advanced technology expertise: our engineers are trained in the latest LED and driver technologies.
  • Almost seventy years of lighting experience: we draw from a wealth of knowledge, amassed since 1952.
  • In-house manufacturing: our American factory is always accessible, and never an ocean away. 


​How can we help?

With our factory and office located in New York City, we are an email, phone call, or visit away.