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Spredlite Wallgrazer

Spredlite is the first, and still the finest. Spredlite was first designed for Mies van der Rohe's acclaimed Seagram building in New York City. Travertine walls, which appear to float in light, stand at the core of the lobby. Its glow is visible through the lobby's outer glass walls, mesmerizing passerbys. Behind the effect was the lighting designer Richard Kelly and our own Edison Price. To realize Kelly's vision, Price designed the first wallgrazing system, the Spredlite.

Spredlite continues to illuminate challenging surface around the world. For the lobby of the new United States embassy in London, distinguished lighting designers Fisher Marantz Stone Partners again sought the Spredlite. The result is pictured above.

Spredlite is powerful, efficient, and affordable. You too can entrust Spredlite to illuminate challenging textured (rough stone, wood, mosaic) or specular (polished stone, glass, Ventian plaster) walls.

  • Consistent lateral light pattern, delivered by LEDs and molded glass lenses.
  • 2600 lumens maximum source output.
    • 700 to 2100 lumens from Spredlite CLP.
    • 2100 to 2600 lumen from Spredlite Hi. 
  • 82 lumens/watt maximum efficacies.
  • .1% dimming  with DALI. 1% dimming with 0-10V, Lutron EcoSystem, and eldoLED dimmers also available. 
  • optional baffles (DL model) for shielding.
  • choice of wall brightness.
    • LEDs mounted at 9" centers, delivering 25% greater vertical footcandles.
    • LEDs mounted at 12" centers.


high ceilings

Ceiling Height Estimates
Ideal height may be higher or lower depending on the wall texture, ambient light, and other considerations.


LED on 9" center

LED on 12" center


No  Baffles



The walls of lobbies and other important spaces are often finished with marble, plaster, and other fine materials. They are the interior's focal point, or even the first impression when visitors enter a building. By carefully and uniformly illuminating these walls, Spredlite honors this investment. 

Spredlite illuminates textured walls consistently.

  • matte-finished stone: marble, sandstone, limestone, travertine
  • wood, especially with expressed graining
  • fabric, either stretched or draped
  • tile, particularly mosaics glass with an etched pattern
  • plaster or stucco

Spredlite illuminates smooth walls without hot spots.

  • polished stone
  • metal panels
  • stainless steel
  • etched glass



  • Architectural cove mounting, so that the wall below glows from some mysterious source.  The specification sheet details cove dimensions for optimal wall grazing and shielding of the Spredlite from view.
  • Shielding ensured by baffles (PV), for spaces where people may look into the fixture down the length of the wall.
  • Custom painted housings available.
  • Curved walls may be accommodated as a modification. Contact our Technical Sales department with the curved cove's length and radius.