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For soothing Steam Rooms

With glare-free apertures and long lasting durability, SteamRoom luminaires delivers complete relaxation in steam rooms—both now and for years to come.



SteamRoom is available as a 4" aperture downlight, powered by a number of LED modules.

SteamRoom FTF/4

  • Powered by Philips Fortimo DLM LED module
  • Up to 2000 lm from the source.
  • 90 CRI
  • Most affordable!

SteamRoom CZS/4

  • Powered by Citizen LED module
  • Up to 2700 lm from the source.
  • 97 CRI
  • Wireless dimming available.

SteamRoom XTM/4

  • Powered by Xicato LED module
  • Up to 2000 lm from the source.
  • 98 CRI
  • Color consistency within 1x2-step MacAdam ellipse.



SteamRoom luminaires have been tested for wet locations with high ambient temperatures (up to 46°C or 115°F), by an independent testing lab. 

With anodized aluminum reflectors and a 5/32” thick prismatic glass lens, SteamRoom is built to withstand steam room conditions for years.

Like all Edison Price Lighting luminaires,SteamRoom is fabricated from heavy -gauge raw metals in our New York City factory. The use of high-quality steel and aluminum ensures that SteamRoom won't bend or warp, even in the harshest conditions.



Comfortable viewing angles is critical in steam rooms, where visitors typically sit close to the ceiling. 

SteamRooms feature a precisely designed reflector and deeply regressed LED module. Their resulting 40° shielding angle creates the soothing, glare-free ambiance so desired in spas.

SteamRoom aluminum reflectors are anodized to ensure that their reflectivity remains glare-free for years to come. The reflectors also receive an additional coating treatment for further protection against the harsh environmental conditions.


Easy installation

Installing the SteamRoom does not require additional hardware. Instead, the fixture is secured through its specialty reflector design.

To protect the luminaire from the steamroom, the reflector is sealed with a rubber gasket atop the flange.  Torsion springs pull the reflector up, tightening the gasket between reflector's flange and the bottom of the ceiling.

In the photo below, we are gluing the rubber gasketing to the reflector. We proudly manufacture all luminaires in our New York City factory.  Visit us anytime!