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Steam Rooms Solved

The industry's first steam room tested architectural LEDs, our Steamroom XTM/4 creates a soothing ambiance so desired in spas.

The 4" Steamroom downlight is tested for wet location and high ambient temperatures (up to 46°C or 115°F), by an independent testing lab. Steamroom XTM/4 provides:

  • Aperture brightness control. Comfortable viewing angles is critical in steam rooms, where visitors typically sit close to the ceiling. With their precisely designed reflectors and regressed LED modules, Steamroom XTM/4 provide 40° shielding angles. Learn more.

  • No extra hardware required. The reflector featured a rubber gasket atop the flange. Torsion springs pull the reflector up, tightening the gasket between reflector's flange and the bottom of the ceiling.

  • Durability. With anodized aluminum reflectors and a 5/32” thick prismatic glass lens, Steamroom XTM/4 withstands heat and the direct spray of water.  Like all our products, Steamroom XTM/4 is fabricated with high grade, regionally sourced materials in our New York City factory.  Learn more.

With low brightness apertures, long lasting durability, Steamroom XTM/4 luminaires delivers complete relaxation.