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Extended Stems

Architectural details⁠ like a slatted ceiling, high ceiling, or low beam create stunning interiors—and lighting challenges.

But an extended stem drops the lighting low enough to clear the obstruction. It is the simple, straightforward solution

Thanks to our in-house metal-working factory, Edison Price Lighting can...

We have added this modification, see below, to all relevant spec sheets.


Our MADE IN USA factory constructs 18" long extended stems for a museum.

  Our factory begins with a 0.5” outside diameter aluminum rod, which we cut to the specified size. We then mill out screw threads from both ends.

 Our head tool-maker Bernie designed and constructed special jigs of various heights to assist with extended stems. We insert the rod into the jig, then screw in the driver box.

  Our stems and driver boxes are ready to be sanded by hand.


  We wash and degrease the stems and driver boxes. They're ready for their fixture housings.

  We spray paint each fixture by hand, applying two coats for good measure.

  We insert the heat sink, and wire the LED module and driver. A true Made in USA masterpiece.


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