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Surface-mounted Solutions

Your lighting design often needs surface-mounted luminaires, when common challenges make track and recessed unsuitable. Consider surface-mounting when...

  • open ceiling designs.
  • plenums are too shallow for recessed fixtures.
  • budgets are too limited for track systems.
  • obstacles like beams or dropped ceilings block the lighting. Surface-mounted pendants can be extended to avoid the obstacle.
  • no dimming system. Surface-mounted IDM OBMs can be individually dimmed, without expensive and complicated track systems. 

 Surface Mounted Luminaires


All track fixtures have equivalent standard outlet-box-mounted (OBM) versions.

Combining OBMs with their track-mounted versions brings a consistent look and performance to the space.


SM cylinder luminaires, with pendant mounting options.


One of our favorite surface-mounted fixtures is this dainty, small-space solution:

 Favorite fixture: Mini Wand 16E-OBM

  • object light and wallwasher

  • graceful profile: 4 5/8" tall and a 2 1/2" aperture

  • no visible outlet box! The hardware is hidden above the ceiling

  • designed for Soraa MR16 GU10 base retrofit LED lamp, for lower costs and faster shipping.

  • 10° beam available

  • lockable aiming flexibility with 350° horizontal and 0°-90° vertical adjustments