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Comprehensive THREE

THREE, our line of 3” aperture recessed fixtures, express everything we aspire to:


  • THREE's LED assemblies can be unplugged and interchanged, after installation, through their apertures. You may convert a fixture from one function to another on-site.
  • THREE's focus can be adjusted and locked easily: the accent light and narrow spot light provides 362° horizontal rotation and 0°-35° angular adjustment. The wallwasher's optical assembly rotates 362°.
  • Change the beamspread after installation. The downlightaccent light, and narrow spotlight offer internal reflectors as accessories.


  • THREE are powered by Xicato's new XTM LED module, which offers superb color consistency (within 1x2-step MacAdam ellipse) and up to 98 CRI.
  • The downlight delivers a 40° shielding angle.
  • The accent light delivers focused beams: 36°, and 54°.
  • The narrow spot accent delivers tight narrow spots: 14°, and 24°.
  • The wallwasher is precisely designed. Our unique lens and reflector combination produces a floor-to-ceiling wash at a 1:1 spacing ratio. 


  • Key to a good 3” fixture is a lamp holder that is securely mounted but easily removable for relamping. 
  • THREE lamp holders are made of 14 ga. steel with springs that hold fast yet release with finger-tip pressure. 


  • Optional millwork trim for installation into woodwork and solid ceilings.
  • Trim flush option for smooth installation in sheetrock ceilings.
  • LightPlate decorative trims optional with all THREE downlights and accent lights.