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Seamless Trim Flush

Trim Flush is our popular trim detail for fixtures recessed in sheetrock ceilings. Using our contractor-friendly plaster ring and spackle screen, Trim Flush provides a firm, seamless, flush joint between reflector and ceiling.  

Trim Flush is designed to be admired by architects, interior designers and by that person critical to any flush trim installation, the ceiling contractor.



  • TF Rings are framed by generous squares of aluminum "spackle screen" to provide the best base for skim coat and to hide mis-cut holes. 

  • TF Rings are spring-loaded, so the contractor can simply push one onto the plaster ring that protrudes from the base of our fixture housings. 

  • TF Rings require no screw driver adjustment. The contractor knows the ring is at the right level when he can't push it up any more. 



  • Trim Flush is integral to the Prestina remodeler line, perfect for finely finished residences.
  • Trim Flush is available on recessed round aperture luminaires. For availability, consult the product's spec sheet, under the "Options" box.


See Trim Flush installation instructions.