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Tunable White

Adjust the color temperature while maintaining precise, glare-free illumination. Edison Price Lighting's FOUR HI Tune series combines our reliable performance with easy flexibility.


Complete family

FOUR HI Tune 4" aperture luminaires are powered by a Bridgelux Vista chip-on-board LED module. Because FOUR HI Tunes offer a variety of functions, you can design an entire space within one fixture family. The use of one family guarantees smooth, seamless color temperature consistency throughout the project.


Tunable white

FOUR HI Tune's color temperature may be tuned and dimmed via wires or wirelessly, depending on your preference. Either option offers:

  • CCT range of 2700K to 6500K
  • dimming 100% to 0.1% at constant CCT


Wireless tuning

FOUR HI Tune may be controlled using the Casambi App on iOS or Android devices. The Casambi wireless solution is renowned throughout the industry for its intuitive, advanced functionality. You can control FOUR HI Tune (or any other Casambi enabled fixture) in a variety of ways:

  • control individual and groups of fixtures.
  • control fixtures with a photo. Simply take a photo of your room, identify the placement of the fixtures in the photo, and control them using the photograph.
  • create scenes. Determine the CCT and light levels of fixtures for different functions or time of day, and save the 'scene' for future use.
  • share your controls. Tailor who can control your fixtures, from only you to an open network. 


Wired tuning

In addition to the Casambi App, the FOUR HI Tune can tuned and dimmed via wired eldoLED or DALI controls. 

  • 2-channel eldoLED 0-10V driver, pre-set in logarithmic control curve, dims to 0.1% using two 0-10V dimmers (one dims, one controls CCT)
  • 2-channel eldoLED 0-10V driver, pre-set in linear control curve,  dims to 0.1% using two 0-10V dimmers (one dims, one controls CCT)
  • 2-channel DALI dimming, dims to 0.1% and controls CCT by DALI control devices.



Like all Edison Price Lighting luminaires, FOUR HI Tune is constructed from anodized aluminum reflectors. Their precise design and use of anodized aluminum results in comfortable, glare-free apertures. 

Glare-free apertures also support WELL™ certification. Many downlight configurations meet WELL's strict requirements for 'shielding and glare-minimization. Learn more about International WELL Building Standard™, and how Edison Price Lighting luminaires can help.


Made in USA

FOUR HI Tune and all Edison Price Lighting luminaires are proudly made in our rare urban American factory. We construct even the smallest part from heavy-guage metals, including 14-gauge steel. The use of quality materials and on-site manufacturing guarantees long-lasting durability, without bending or warping over time. In short, FOUR HI Tune is built to last.