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UpLine Dual Track

Our UpLine track system illuminates every corner, even from high ceilings. The dual-function track combines:

1. Seamless track system

  • one or two 120-volt 20-amp circuits for accent, narrow spot, and wallwash track fixtures. 
  • clean 3/4" opening: no tool fixture installation, and  no visual distraction.
  • long-lasting durability. Our New York City factory fabricates the UpLine from a single aluminum extrusion, sourced from Pennsylvania.

2. Continuous LED uplighting

  • Embedded in track's top channel is a single, continuous OSRAM HF2 “Seamless Constant Current” LED array, available in two choices:
    • standard uplighting at 500 lumens per linear foot, at an average of 4.9 watts per foot. Efficacies up to 117 lm/w.
    • high output (HO) uplighting at 926 lumens per linear foot, at an average of 8.3 watts per foot. Efficacies up to 112 lm/w.  
  • uniform distribution: Compared to the use of separate LED modules, UpLine's one LED  guarantees smooth, consistent illumination without pools of light on the ceiling. 

    • UpLine LED HO (2 -34’ continuous runs at 10’ spacing, from a 15’ ceiling, with 3’ suspension)
      • Ceiling Average Foot Candles: 50
      • Ceiling Max/Min Ratio: 6.86
      • Workplane Average Foot Candles: 21
      • Workplane Max/Min Ratio: 2.24
  • Though more powerful, the UpLine's integral LED still delivers soft, comfortable lighting, thanks to:
    • choice of clear or diffuse panel.
    • dimming to 1% by means of a 0-10v dimmer. Fixtures inserted into the track can be dimmed on their own protocol.

To match any design or installation requirements, UpLine offers even more options:

  • mounting styles: mounting by pendants (18", 36", or 72"), or by aircraft cables (3/32" diameter).

  • paint finish: white, black, industrial silver, or custom color.   
  • color tuning (hue, saturation, CCT, and 0.1% dimming) available, with remote driver assembly and controllable by DMX. Contact us.

So many possible combinations make the UpLine ideal for variety of installations:

  • challenging barreled ceilings, often found in older buildings.
  • high vaulted ceiling, found in churches.
  • computer workspaces, such as offices and classrooms, which need bright ceilings to minimize computer screen glare.
  • galleries, museums, and retail stores, which need ambient lighting to compliment spotlighting.

UpLine's offers you the options -- and now the power -- to light every part of the room.