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Affordable ValueSpec

Everyone, regardless of budget, deserves to live and work under comfortable, glare-free lighting. And everyone, regardless of budget, deserves to own and operate 'Made in USA'-quality lighting. Our ValueSpec luminaires deliver both.

Designed and Made in the USA, the extremely affordable ValueSpec offers:

  • 4", 5", or 6" aperture
  • glare-free downlight, with a 40º shielding angle and an integral plastic shield.
  • uniform wallwasher, with ceiling-to-floor distribution.
  • up to 2000 lumens from Philips' Fortimo DLM ‘EaseSelect’ LED module.
  • 1% dimming with a 0-10V dimmer.
  • suitable for UL991 and CSA22.2 safety program.
  • efficiencies up to 90 lumens per watt.
  • wet location design for bathrooms, outdoor installations, and other wet locations.

ValueSpec's price is even lower when factoring its Made in America quality.

  • Our New York City factory constructs the VALUE entirely on-site, using the highest-grade raw materials and quality control standards.
  • ValueSpec is built to last for decades, so its inital low price is even lower when spread over the fixture's life.

ValueSpec helps you...

  • defend your design by resisting value-engineering. 
  • complete your design. Use ValueSpec for the building standard and our other luminaires  wherever more sophisticated lighting is required. Specifying ValueSpec keeps the entire project under budget.

With our Made in USA ValueSpec, offices, schools, non-profit institutions, real estate developments and other budget-pressured projects no longer need to settle. Contact your Edison Price Lighting representative for pricing.