What's New

Trimless Square

WAFER PRIM SQUARE's 3" square aperture  is ideal for residences, offices, and other finely finished spaces. Its glare-less reflector, Energy Star, and on-site flexibility elevates WAFER PRIM SQUARE to perfection.

LED specs

  • Powered by efficient Cree chip-on-board LEDs, in up to 90+ CRI.
  • Up to 1500 lumens from the source.
  • High efficacy exceeding 101 lm/w. Downlight and accent light are certified Energy Star.
  • 0.1% dimming with a Zigbee, DALI, and eldoLED driver; dimming to 1% and 5% with additional drivers.

Comprehensive family

Trimless, glare-less aperture 

  • Trimless, flush installation achieved in sheetrock ceilings with integral PRIM screen.
  • Glare-free apertures from anodized aluminum reflectors. Compared to other white painted reflectors, anodized aluminum substantially reduces aperture brightness. Watch a video to see the difference.

Convenient installations

  • Shallow housings, as low as 2 1/2” housing depth plus a 1" throat.
  • Residential installation in wood joist ceiling with optional housing design.
  • Millwork installation with optional trim detail.
  • Wood and T-bar installations with optional specialty bars.
  • Adaptable wallwash installation. Housing may be installed parallel or perpendicular to the wall. Then insert the reflector to wash the desired wall.

On-site flexibility

  • Accessible LED and junction box through the aperture. Simply pop the lens up, clasp the top of the reflector, and pull down.
  • Choice of lenses. Order additional lenses to change optics in the field.

    • For maximum efficacy, choose the clear glass lens.
    • For a smoother and wider beam, choose the prismatic lens.
    • For the widest beam, choose the diffuse lens. With a 32º beam reflector, diffuse lens provides a .99 spacing criteria, and efficacies up to 86 lm/w.
  • Choice of beamspreads. Order additional 'twist and lock' lenses to change the beamspread in the field. 
    • For the downlight, change between 32º and 60º beams after installation.
    • For the accent light, change between 12º, 20º, and 36º beams after installation.
  • Optical accessories available for the accent light. Fine tune your lighting with spread lenses, beamspreads, color filters and more.

Made in USA

  • 'Made in USA' durability. Our factory fabricates all fixtues from long-lasting steel, aluminum, and other American-sourced materials, making it a smart long-term investment.
  • Made in USA quality is available at competitive prices, without unreasonable premiums. High efficacies reduce the number of luminaires required, as well as their operating costs.

For up to 1600 lumens and up to 98 CRI, see the similar model, PRIM SQUARE.