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Two measurements quickly capture the WAFER SQUARE:  3" square aperture, and 3.5" total housing depth or higher. These dimensions are in-demand by offices, medical centers, universities, and other spaces.

Yet WAFER SQUARE excels further. Energy Star, on-site flexibility, durability, and glare-free apertures elevate it onto a class in itself. Though priced competitively, WAFER SQUARE is not a commodity fixture. It is a long-term investment.

LED specs

  • Powered by efficient Cree chip-on-board LEDs, in up to 90+ CRI.
  • Up to 1500 lumens from the source.
  • High efficacy exceeding 101 lm/w. Downlight and accent light are certified Energy Star.
  • 0.1% dimming with a Zigbee, DALI, and eldoLED driver; dimming to 1% and 5% with additional drivers.

Comprehensive functions

  • WAFER SQUARE DL/3 downlight, with efficacies exceeding 101 lm/w. Energy Star certified!

  • WAFER SQUARE AA/3 accent light, in 12º, 20º, and 36º beamspreads, as tight as 12,200 CBCP.  Energy Star certified!
  • WAFER SQUARE WL/3 wallwasher, for uniform, ceiling-to-floor illumination.  

Convenient installation

  • As low as 2.5" housing depth plus a 1" throat.
  • Wood joist ceiling design also available.
  • Wood and T-bar specialty bars also available.
  • Adaptable wallwash installation. Housing may be installed parallel or perpendicular to the wall. Then insert the reflector to wash the desired wall.

Tailored illumination

  • WAFER SQUARE's optical assembly includes an external reflector, topped with a specialty lens. They may be tailored to meet your space's aesthetics and optical needs.
  • Select one of four reflector finishes: slightly diffuse, champagne gold, white, and black.
    • All Edison Price Lighting reflectors are constructed from anodized aluminum -- a process that strengthens durability and light control. The result is a quiet, comfortable ceiling. Watch a video to see the diference.

  • Choice of lenses. Order additional lenses to change optics in the field.

    • For maximum efficacy, choose the clear glass lens.

    • For a smoother and wider beam, choose the prismatic lens.

    • For the widest beam, choose the diffuse lens. For the widest beam, choose the diffuse lens. With a 32º beam reflector, diffuse lens provides a .99 spacing criteria, and efficacies up to 86 lm/w. 

  • Choice of beamspreads. Order additional 'twist and lock' lenses to change the beamspread in the field. 
    • For the downlight, change between 32º and 60º beams after installation.
    • For the accent light, change between 12º, 20º, and 36º beams after installation.
  • Optical accessories available for the accent light. Fine tune your lighting with spread lenses, beamspreads, color filters and more.
  • For Insulation Contact (IC-rated), airtight installation, see EPIC WAFER SQUARE and EPIC WAFER PRIM SQUARE.
  • For Chicago Plenum installation, see CHP WAFER SQUARE and CHP WAFER PRIM SQUARE

On-site adjustments

  • Access the LED module and junction box on-site. Use just one finger to remove the spring-loaded external reflector to access the housing.

  • Aim and lock accent lightwith 365° rotation and 0°-30° angular adjustment.

Affordable Made in USA

  • WAFER SQUARE's low initial cost is competitive with other square aperture fixtures on the market. Contact your Edison Price Lighting representative for pricing.
  • WAFER SQUARE's lifetime cost is even lower.
    • High efficacies, surpassing 101 lm/w, reduce the overall operating energy costs.
    • Made in USA construction lenthens WAFER SQUARE's lifetime. Our American factory begins with heavy-gauge steel and aluminum, and builds the fixtures to last. The luminaire's long lifetime further reduces its low initial cost.