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Luminaires to help meet WELL™

The International WELL Building Standard™ is a voluntary standard that quantifies a building's ‘positive human experience.'

The WELL Building Standard™ is a points-based system, awarding points for beneficial design related to seven categories: air, water, nourishment, fitness, comfort, mind, and of course, light.

WELL recognizes light as a critical influence on human health and well-being. Careful lighting design improves productivity, honors our natural circadian rhythm, and promotes health.

WELL focuses on light in the following aspects of design: Visual lighting design; Circadian lighting design; Electric light glare control; Solar glare contro;l Low-glare workstation; Color quality; Surface design; Automated shading and dimming controls; Right to light; Daylight modeling; Daylighting fenestration; Light at night; and Circadian emulation. Learn more about WELL's requirements.


Glare can cause distraction, headaches, and eye fatigue. Therefore, WELL offers points for luminaires that meet strict shielding and glare control requirements:

  • Luminaire shielding, 15° for 20,000-50,000 cd/m²; 20° for 50,000-500,000 cd/m²; and 30° for over 500,000 cd/m².
  • Glare minimization, more than 53° above the center of view (degrees above horizontal) have luminances less than 8,000 cd/m². Workstations, desks and other seating areas achieve a UGR of 19 (or less).

Since 1952, Edison Price Lighting's luminaires have exemplified such requirements.

  • Our reflectors are designed to shape the light, without causing glare. 
  • Our reflectors are anodized, to further improve reflectivity. 
  • Our housings are designed to regress the LED as much as possible, while still maintaining light output and efficacy.

Three XTM DL (All configurations contribute toward earning points required for WELL Certification.)

Edison Price Lighting has performed case studies with our recessed luminaires. Based on our research, the following luminaires, in select or all configurations, can help contribute points that meet WELL's requirements for shielding and glare minimization.





Find Edison Price Lighting luminaires that help contribute points towards WELL's standards for shielding and glare minimization:

  1. Click this logo at the bottom right hand corner of every page 

  2. Go to the Products section, view the left-hand Search by Feature menu, click 'Additional', and click WELL.



Light after dusk can create an unnatural energetic spike, and distrupt our psychology. WELL offers points for luminaires that meet Equivalent melanopic lux (EML) requirements.

  • ipRGC, located in our retinas, regulate our circadian response to light.
  • ipRGC's response may be measured by the metric, Equivalent melanopic lux (EML). EML is calcuated using wavelength-by-wavelength data from the Spectral Power Distribution.  Contact us and we will help you locate this data. 

WELL offers points for the following circadian emulation stipulations:

  • EML measurements, depending on the time of day.
  • Pre-scheduled bed and wake time. If lights are turned in on between, they provide a specific EML depending on the time of day.
  • Wake times that offer a gradual increase in light.

Edison Price Lighting luminaires can help meet these requirements through their dimming controls. Luminaires may be compatible with advanced systems, including:

  • Wireless Zigbee-based control systems, such as Encelium, Daintree ControlScope, or the Wink hub. Please check spec sheet for compatibility.
  • DALI, DMX, Lutron EcoSystem, and others. Please check spec sheet for compatibility.

Using these advanced control systems, you can pre-schedule light levels in response to light levels or to times of day. This dimming compatibility may help contribute points that could help contribute points towards WELL's EML requirements.



Furthermore, WELL buildings must re-certify every 36 months. For recertification, on-site measurements and calculations by a WELL AP will be redone. Luminaires therefore must perform as well in three years as they do today.

Edison Price Lighting, luminaires are reliably consistent thanks to our design and manufacturing.

  • Our reflectors are spun from heavy gauge aluminum, which has been anodized for corrosion resistance. 
  • Our housings are constructed from metals of the following gauges: 14 to 20 gauge steel; 11 to 22 guage stainless steel; and 11 to 24 gauge aluminum.
  • We source industry-leading LEDs from reputable manufacturers only.
  • Our luminaires are fabricated from raw metals in our Made in USA factory. On-site manufacturering helps us guarantee high quality control. 
  • Our luminaires are fully serviceable, so that you can access the LED and driver in-the-field, through the aperture. Watch a video of us accessing both in the shallow WAFER.

Contact us with any questions.