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Wet location options

Spas, oceanside resorts, indoor pools -- areas as relaxing as these deserve the highest quality lighting. Yet humidity and salt air threatens the performance of many fixtures. To withstand harsh conditions, Edison Price Lighting offers the following solutions: 


Damp location

Because we use electro-zinc plated steel (ASTM A879) and plated hardware, all our fixtures are listed for Damp Location.


High humidity

Projects close to water -- a lakefront restaurant, a harborside hotel, an indoor swimming pool area, an aquarium, etc. -- require protection greater than "Damp Location." For these locations, we offer our DOD (double outdoor) treatment, which involves:

  • Treating steel parts with a multi-stage, water-based, phosphate conversion coating process. This provides excellent corrosion protection and a superior paint base.
  • Painting steel parts with an environmentally-friendly (waterborne, low-VOC) acrylic enamel paint.


Marine environments

Salt air gradually destroys reflectors by eroding their clear protective coating. Once the aluminum has been exposed, the salt air begins to corrode the reflector’s surface. Our MAR (marine) reflector treatment offers strong protection against salt air.  


Showers, steam rooms, etc.

Spaces with constant moisture, including showers, high temperature steam rooms, locker rooms, natatoriums, and spas, can be illuminated with our CSA listed wet location luminaires.

  • Our wet location luminaires are identical in size and appearance as our standard recessed fixtures.

  • Wet location luminaires offer the same low-brightness aluminum reflectors, in the same choice of anodized finishes, with the same seamless overlap trim.

  • To provide a comfortable shielding angle, their light sources and protective glass lenses are regressed deeply inside the fixture, far above the ceiling line.

Our SteamRoom luminaires are tested for wet ambient conditions, for up to 46°C or 115°F.