The Internet of Things wireless protocol, Zigbee, is ideal for small and large scale management systems. 

  • Zigbee is a mesh network, in which  inter-connected devices wirelessly communicate data. Each device further extends the wireless range. 

  • Zigbee doesn't require a lot of power in comparison to Bluetooth, and is inexpensive to operate.

  • Zigbee is 'self-healing'. If one fixture fails, the others continue to operate and pass along data.

Edison Price Lighting Zigbee-compatible luminaires can be incorporated into advanced management systems. 



  • Zigbee-compatible luminaires directly connects with compatible switches, sensors, and smart devices. See below.

  • Wireless range of 150' line of sight; 50' through standard walls, for an individual fixture. Each connected fixture further extends the range another 150', making the range effectively limitless.



  • Wirelessly dim to 0.1%.

  • 0-10V dimming interface allows control of single or multiple fixtures.

  • Sync individual or groups of fixtures to voice control devices, switches, sensors, or touch screens.

  • Manual controls and scheduling via an app or software.



Luminaires can be controlled via Zigbee with either the ZG0MAG driver or with Ketra retrofit lamps. Please consult spec sheet for compatibility.


Zigbee-compatible driver

The ZG0MAG driver option (listed on the spec sheet in the 'Driver' box) offers compatibility with all 'Zigbee-certified' control systems, including:

  • Encelium Extend

    • For large spaces or an entire campus.

    • Hardware: Connect to wireless wall stations, touch screens, occupancy sensors, photo sensors, and more. See all.

    • Software: Control via Personal Control Software, Polaris 3D, and AV Interface. BACnet Integration possible.

  • Encelium Edge

    • For spaces up to 10,000 sf and/or up to 100 nodes.

    • Hardware: Connect to wireless wall stations, occupancy sensors, and photo sensors. See all. 

    • Software: Control via mobile app.

  • Daintree ControlScope

    • For large spaces or an entire campus.

    • Hardware: Connect to wireless wall switches, occupancy/photo sensors, thermo sensors. See all.

    • Software: Control via ControlScope Manager web application

  • Wink

    • For small spaces, especially residences.

    • Hardware: Connect to wireless wall witches, occupancy sensors, photo sensors, thermostats, and voice control devices, like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Sonos Home Sound System. See all. 

    • Software: Control via mobile app. 

  •  See all 'Zigbee-certified' control systems


Zigbee-compatible retrofit LED lamp

  • Compatibility with Zigbee is available on these fixtures, when lamped with specified Ketra retrofit LED lamp.

  • Hardware: Connects to keypads and voice control devices, like Amazon Alexa. See all.

  • Software: Control via mobile app or Design Studio software.


See how easy it is to dim Zigbee compatible luminaires using Amazon's Alexa device, connected to the Wink Hub. 


compatible luminaires

Click here for compatible with Zigbee control systems.

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